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Spring Schedule 2014

Yoga Class Helpful Tips:

• Street Parking.  Studio Om's entrance is through the back door.

• New students should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class to fill out new student forms. You will check-in and pay at the main desk (we accept check and cash only at the studio).

• Students will remove shoes and leave them in the lobby and coat hang area. Be prepared to remove socks when class begins.

• Turn off cell phones. No texting/surfing in class for safety reasons.

• Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Wear shirts loose enough to move in, but fitted enough they won't come over your head in down-dog and inversions. Layers can be helpful for vinyasa classes.

• You are welcome to bring your own mat. If you do not have a mat, we provide loaner mats.

• If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Our teachers and other students are wonderfully welcoming in a yoga class and eager to make you feel comfortable!

We can only accept Cash and Checks at the Studio.
Spring Quarter Prices:

$15 Walk-in: pays for one class, to be used in the quarter it was bought in. Cannot be used for prenatal.

$65.00, 5-class pass: Good for 6 months; you can go to any class except prenatal using this pass.

$120.00, 10-class pass
: Good for 6 months; you can go to any class except prenatal using this pass.

$115.00, One single class, full 10 week quarter:
Only available first week of a quarter! Pays for full 10 week quarter of a single class. Expires at end of quarter. If you miss your class, you can make it up  by substituting any class that week. Please note what class you are signing up for. Do NOT buy this pass after the date of your first class of the quarter has passed as you will then be paying $115 for however classes remain instead of ten. Cannot be used for Prenatal.

$120.00, One month, unlimited:
You can attend unlimited classes for one month
(except prenatal) from date of purchase.

$275.00, One Quarter, unlimited: You can attend unlimited classes (except prenatal) the entire 10 week quarter (expires end of the set quarter you purchased it in).

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: $25 for 10 days of unlimited yoga. Try out every class before you decide which one suits you!
NEW STUDENT SPECIAL is only available for payment at the Studio. It cannot be paid for online.

We can only accept Cash and Checks at the Studio.
For your convenience we are offering online payment. We will record your payment and you will receive your pass when you come to Studio Om.

PayPal Online Payment :
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If you are in mobile view on your device, please switch to "classic" view (at the very bottom of page)  as the mobile view does not support Paypal.

  You do not have to preregister for any class except Prenatal or Family Yoga  - just come 10-15 minutes early to fill out a new student form.
  Come any time during the 10 week quarter- classes can be started at any point in the 10 weeks.
New Classes For Spring!

New Daytime Classes:

Monday 9:15am Vinyasa Flow,

Friday 11am Gentle +Plus yoga.

Beginning Tai Chi and Tai Chi For Arthritis
Beginning: 7:15pm Mondays
Arthritis: Wednesdays, 10am-11am

This beginner program contains all the essential principles of Tai Chi that support increased flexibility and pain-free range of motion. Stiffness causes pain; improved flexibility reduces stiffness and inflammation making joints more mobile.

Recently, Tai Chi for Arthritis was recognized by the Center for Disease Control and Injury Prevention as  effective for fall prevention, shown to reduce falls by an impressive 47%. *Bring clean shoes to change into. Wear comfortable athletic shoes.

  Vinyasa with Live Music
Sunday, 6:30pm

 Enjoy an hour of vigorous flow-style yoga with music provided by our own Brian Kelley on guitar and harmonium.  Start your week out on a high note!